Our Story.

Our Mission.

How we started?

We were friends before we were founders.

Friends for decades!

Sushant and Shashank played in the same teams at XLRI 14 years back.

At around the same time, Vineet was a state level Yoga champion.


But then “corporate life” happened.

We got busy with our lives.

We remained great buddies but

work took a toll on our health and fitness.


Our parents got older and

we encountered the complicated maze

of the health , insurance & wellness “industry”. 

No one cared if we are

actually getting healthier or not !

We looked around and figured

that our story is not unique.

It’s actually quite common.


We have started Alyve Health with a mission.

A mission to care, 

A mission to make it happen.


The Founders


Shashank Avadhani

Ex-BCG (Partner) | Ex-Accenture | Ex-E&Y

Sushant Roy

Ex-Accenture Consulting (Managing Director)

Vineet Mehta

Ex-BCG | Ex-SAP | Ex-Infosys


Our Founding Team Members

We are extremely passionate about what we do...adding life to years & years to life!

Shrewans Padhye

Head - Growth & Partnerships

Shrewans is Alyve Health’s Go-To person to expand the community and fortify relationships with other like minded organisations and individuals who contribute to a holistic healthcare ecosystem. With an M.B.A from XLRI, Shrewans has served as the Principal Director at Accenture and as a Consultant at Deloitte. 

Fun Fact: Shrewans’ name is very unique. Doubt it? Do a Google Search. He loves playing the Tabla!

Himanshu Joshi

Head - Sales & Business Development

Leading the Sales & Marketing front, Himanshu is primarily responsible for disseminating Alyve Health’s mission & vision and building awareness about the need for an integrative healthcare ecosystem. Having obtained a MBA from XLRI, he has served as a Senior Principal in Accenture and Sales Manager and Customer Support at Tata Motors. 

Fun Fact: Himanshu has summited the Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC)  and has visited 350+ districts in India out of 650. No wonder he loves travelling, trekking and geography! He also has an affinity for reading, politics and gadgets.

Varchasvi Pandey

Frontend Engineer

The youngest member of the team, Varchasvi is responsible for Alyve Health’s immersive user experience. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, he has dabbled in digital marketing and software engineering and switched over to front-end development to pursue his role at Alyve Health. 

Fun Fact:  Varchasvi has worked with a Bangladeshi production company and produced a song named ‘Nei Ongikar’ which has received over 1M+ views. He also knows how to play the piano and loves Call of Duty.

Abhay Thapa

Product Design

Abhay lives and breathes design. He is responsible for UI/UX design and development. Holding a degree in Animation & Multimedia and a diploma in Cognitive Sciences, Abhay has an insightful understanding of human behaviour and strives to translate it in building world class experience products.

Fun Fact:  He tries to observe design even in nature - from lines on the leaves and patterns in migratory birds. In fact he believes that his interest in design was ignited by the picturesque Dehradun. 

Devanshi Ray

Behavioural Scientist  & Habit Coach

Strongly resonating with the belief that healthcare systems can be hugely improved by a keen understanding of individuals’ behavioural patterns, Devanshi plays the role of a Habit Coach to facilitate a holistic approach to healthcare. Having obtained an Msc. in Behavioural Science and Economics from the University of Warwick, she wishes to contribute to changing the prevalent norms of the healthcare ecosystem by making it more sincere and accessible.

Fun Fact:  Devanshi is a trained classical dancer who enjoys watching films, exploring music, learning and understanding different philosophical schools of thought and watching funny cat videos.

Shreya Iyer

Exercise Psychologist & Habit Coach

Having lived the life of a competitive athlete, Shreya recognises the role that habits and routines play in a health-conscious lifestyle. She believes that merely giving tools and practical information to individuals doesn’t always work and there has to be a multidisciplinary approach which can reap maximum benefits for everyone.

Fun Fact: Shreya is a teetotaller and loves to involve herself in any kind of physical activity such as weight lifting, rugby, football or yoga.

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What is coordinated care? Why is it important?

Coordinated or integrated care is when multiple impact areas are addressed to achieve a health outcome. At IH, we look at 7 impact areas - Motivation & Habits, Physical activity, Sleep & Rest, Mind & Mood, Medical care, Nutrition and Financial protection. Based on the objectives and outcomes desired, multiple impact areas might need to be “activated” in a coordinated or integrated manner. Coordinated care is crucial because its proven through research and years of practice that the human body needs multi dimensional care to respond in the best possible manner. Without knowing the term, you might have already experienced this - for example, in order to lose weight, both nutrition and activity are critical. We do the hard job of finding the experts and coordinating the care for you so that you can just relax and focus on your goals and what you need to do!

How does AH deliver coordinated care?

Firstly, our programs have been designed with great care by the IH team working with certified experts and practitioners. Secondly, we partner with experts across impact areas to deliver a great experience for you. Thirdly, our proprietary technology helps coordinate between the right experts at the right time to deliver a seamless experience to you

What is an “outcome focused personal health ecosystem”?

We understand it sounds like too many words put together to form a nice sounding tag line. But believe us, every word here is important. Let’s walk you through this:
Outcome focused: We are proudly the only company (as far as we are aware) that returns a part of your money if you don’t achieve your outcomes (applicable for coordinated care programs - watch out for the Immunity Promise logo!) . All we ask is to do your bit.
Personal: What you see if “for you”. We don’t believe in blanket advice of walking 10,000 steps, not having carbs etc. - each human being is unique and our offering recognises that
Ecosystem: We will have multiple offerings co-existing to help you achieve more than one objective

Why should I try Alyve Health?

Three reasons:

  1. We are outcome focused : We will help you achieve health outcomes - whatever be your objective (well-being, disease management or even a bucket list!)

  2. We are credible : We will connect you to the most credible experts or doctors and take you through your personal journey to guide you and enable you at every step

  3. We are accountable : We return a good part of your money if you don’t achieve these outcomes

How are we ensuring that the Sensitive data of employee (DoB, Mobile Number, Name) stays within the App and is not used for any other purposes (by anyone, including Immunity Health)?

Our database is encrypted with industry accepted standards. Immunity Health does not have access to any personally identifiable information of our customers (your employees) which includes information such as Name, DoB and mobile number.
Furthermore, our database itself is further secured through industry accepted standards as well. Therefore, you can be rest assured that customer information is secured within our platform and is not used for other purposes by anyone, including us.

Will employee consent be required to share their personal data with external vendor?

Yes – employees need to share their explicit consent (to share their personal data) with us when they first register on the app. Alyve Health’s endeavour is to continue to protect our customers (your employees) by offering protection products / services in the future.
In this case as well, customers will need to provide their explicit consent to buy these products / services and for sharing any of their information which may be required at that stage (e.g. their address).