Benefits of Alumni Group policies over individual policies


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4 types of Policies
You may choose to buy 1 or multiple policies !

In 1 transaction you can buy one policy.  To buy more policies perform more transactions

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Transparent, seamless & hassle-free journey - during purchase & in use !


Family Plans

Employer covers are just not sufficient, you need more !

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Note : In this policy you can insure Self, Spouse and maximum 2 children ( who must be less than 25 yrs age)


Parents & Parents-in-Law

The cover they need - now made affordable.
Entry age till 80yes & no medical check ups !

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Note : You cannot have a parent and a parent-in-law in the same policy

Frequently asked questions

Registration & overall policy

Who will administer this plan? Who is the insurance company?

A) The IITK Alumni association will administer the plan. New India Assurance Company is the insurer. B)Master policy would be issued to IITK Alumni association. Purchasers would be the members of the master policy

Will this plan work in conjunction with my group health insurance scheme provided by my employee?

Yes. Absolutely.

Will this plan work in conjunction with an individual health insurance plan that I have already purchased?

Yes. Absolutely. But please note that the waiting periods of the top-up policies would be waived off only if they are already waived off in your individual insurance policy.

Which account will my premium payment be transferred to?

This will be transferred to the account of the New India Assurance Company Limited

When will the policy start? When will we receive our health cards?

The policy will start on November 15, 2021; claims will get honoured from this date The purchasing members are likely to receive their health cards around December 1st week

Once this plan comes into force, hope any alumni should be allowed to join the plan at any point of time based on allowable age limit?

One entry window is planned in the first year of the plan. All alumni are eligible to join the plan. Hence it is in the best interest of the group that we don’t defer the joining.

Females may have their maiden name in the alma mater database but my health card needs to be in my current name. What should I do?

Please register with the name that you want on your health card and which also reflects in an official identity proof.

If two alumni are married does it make sense to have the younger spouse buy this for the family

No. The age of the oldest member in the family unit is considered to arrive at the slab rate

Who will determine the alumni status?

The Alumni association would determine this – the definition would be made liberal to include alumni from across programs

Are payments to Alumni Association eligible for 80G or we get income tax rebate for insurance?

No, this amount will not be eligible for tax deductions.

If I am covered by my spouse's policy, can I go ahead and enrol in the top up plan without having a base policy in my name?


Why is it restricted to 2 dependent children? Is there no scope for the unit to include more children that are dependent?

The current offering is a standard plan and unfortunately covers maximum of 2 children.

Can someone buy base for parent and top-up for parent-in law or vice versa?



What is the expected rise of premium from year two?

It is tough to say but dramatic changes are unlikely. Price depends on factors like claim ratio and demographics etc. – it could increase/decrease. If the alumni association negotiates for a higher cover / deductible which may have an impact on prices. The number of members in the group is a significant criterion. To mitigate any rise in premium due to this factor, we must ensure that there is maximum participation from our alumni group.

The premium is annual or monthly


Is entry into the policy possible at the time of renewal, if not opted now?


Will premium increase be same for everyone or will it increase basis individual's past claims?

This is a group plan and hence the price decrease or increase will be for the entire group.

Who issues the receipt for the payment made by an individual - the insurance company or the alumni association?

Receipt against funds transferred would be issued by the Alyve Health platform on behalf of the Alumni association

Isn't it easier to enhance the sum insured with the existing insurance provider

The group plan has a few key advantages over an open market policy – waiver of waiting periods (in case already covered by the base plan), high room and ICU capping, high entry age of 80 years and lower premiums. Also if you increase your sum insured, you may be subject to underwriting guidelines for the increased sum insured

Claims & settlement

If base policy has room/ICU capping, will the top up policy pay on actuals?

The top up policy will consider claims beyond the Rs 5 lacs deductible.

What happens in case of more than 1 claim in a single financial year? Will the deductible limit be applied for both claims or only for the first claim?

Deductible of Rs 5 lacs applies for multiple events in the same year (it is an aggregate deductible)

Can you be reimbursed from both base and top up plans?


If I have employer insurance and IITK alumni insurance as well, which base plan should I claim on?

You may claim on either of the base plans.

I have a base policy from which we have made claims for cancer treatment. Will this be honoured in the top-up plan?

If your claims are getting honoured on the base policy then it will be accepted on the top up

What will be the time lag for claim processing on the top-up plan considering base insurance policy isn't from New India? Would cashless claim be at all possible with two different insurers?

Claim processing would be done within 30-45 days depending on location, documents, type of illness etc. Cashless is only possible in case your base policy has the same TPA as the top-up policy

In case of a single claim of say, Rs 6 lacs, the hard copy documents are generally sent to the base plan. Then we are left only with photocopies. Will photocopies be accepted at new India?

Yes, typically the insurer with the base policy will attest that all originals have been submitted to them

What role will Alyve Health play in the claims process? I am not in India and cant seem to download the Alyve Health app - what do I do?

Alyve Health would assist the alumni in the claim process by working with the TPA/insurance company and making the process easier for the alumni The Alyve Health mobile app is available in India at the moment. Members living outside of India can access the Alyve Health web interface using

What if we choose a room which has a higher room rent than the capping?

The insurer will apply a proportionate deduction on the claim reimbursement. For example, if the chosen room has a room rent 20% more than the permissible capping, then there would be a corresponding deduction in the overall claim reimbursement as well.

What if we choose a hospital which is not in the GIPSA PPN network

Most urban hospitals are part of the GIPSA PPN network. If for any reason, one chooses a hospital which is not in the network, the insurance company will still honor the claim (as long as the chosen hospital is not in the blacklist of the insurance company) at rates which are similar to a comparable hospital in the GIPSA PPN network (e.g. hospitals in the same / similar PINCODE)

Should my existing base policy be exhausted before the top-up triggers? If my existing base policy is 7 lacs and I purchase the top up of 15 lacs and my claim is 10 lacs - how does it work?

Yes - the base policy needs to be exhausted before the top-up can trigger. In the scenario described, 7 lacs will be exhausted from the base policy first before triggering the top-up policy under which 3 lacs would be considered for claims

Cashless network and GIPSA??

The scheme is cashless for 8,000+ NIA/Paramount network hospitals. Also, we get benefit of special negotiated GIPSA rates with network hospitals.
The Public Sector Insurers viz. National Insurance Co. Ltd; New India Assurance Co. Ltd.; Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd; and United India Insurance Co. Ltd. have negotiated special Package Rates with many hospitals across the Country (12 Cities) for a number of medical procedures. The negotiated tariff is offered under General Insurers Public Sector Association (GIPSA) wherein the 4 PSU insurers have created an Association and empanelled hospitals for fixed closed packages. The list of hospitals and the procedures are dynamic and exhaustive. The cities are Ahemdabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Indore, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur and Pune.
The purpose of GIPSA is to have standardized packages & rates in respect of certain procedures to safeguard customers from being charged more by hospitals which in turn will ensure better utilization of Sum Assured in the Health Insurance. Procedures like Kidney Transplant, Total Knee Replacement, Liver Transplant, CABG, Dialysis, etc. are generally covered under GIPSA Rates. Nationwide more than 550 hospitals have enrolled for GIPSA


Does the proposed plan apply or be useful to those who are NRI- permanently based abroad but do spend sizable time in India off and on?

Yes – since this policy permits claim which arise in India and for hospitalizations within the borders of India

I am an NRI. Should I purchase any of the plans?

This plan is suggested for those who (or their family members) would be spending at least some time each year in India.

Does a US insurance plan count as a base plan to waive off the waiting periods on the top-up plan?

The waiting periods would apply on PED in this case as base plan of US will not be considered for waiving off the waiting periods on this policy

I am not in India and cant seem to download the Alyve Health app - what do I do?

Alyve Health would assist the alumni in the claim process by working with the TPA/insurance company and making the process easier for the alumni The Alyve Health mobile app is available in India at the moment. Members living outside of India can access the Alyve Health web interface using

Do the insured need to have Indian id or the purchaser ?

The insured need to have an Indian Id Proof

Does one have to be Indian citizen resident to buy? Can one buy just for parents ?

One can purchase as long as the insured have an Indian ID proof ( Aadhar , DL , Voter card, PAN , Passport). Also - this is only for hospitalisation in India .

Entry & Exit

Would it require health check-up/tests before enrolment?

No, since this is a group health insurance plan, there are no requirements of a health check-up This is a big benefit, as many individual plans require a medical test, which are often a hassle

If I get married in the future, will I be able to add my spouse at no extra cost? Also, children in future?

Yes. One can add both children / spouse on a future date

Can one exit the plan and join back again?

No, once you exit the plan, you may not be allowed to join back the scheme. This is to prevent any kind of anti-selection. Members can’t insure themselves only when they expect some medical issue to come through.

If premium is increased in 2nd year, can I pull back if I do not like the price? What if the base year price is low but then the second year is increased significantly?

The option to pull out is available but once you opt out, you may not be able to re-enter the program on a future date. One needs to remember the ‘group construct’. A premium increase would mean that there have been claims in the group. In other words we have helped one of our alumnus / alumni to tide over their medical bills.

If due to an unfortunate health event, I use my sum insured in a given year, will I be eligible for next year? Or is it one-off amount?

Yes, you will be eligible next year as well. This is an annual cover for the family

If the alumnus passes away does the policy continue for family

No, but the family will remain to be covered for the particular policy year. To continue to cover the family members from the next year, the family members can renew on individual policy ( port into individual plan) along with benefits of time spent on the group plan.

Both of us, husband and wife are alumni. If policy holder passes away can the cover pass on to the remaining alumnus spouse?

Yes. That is possible because for the next year the survivor can join the plan on the basis of his/her status as an alum

What if the policy goes for renewal and there aren’t enough members buying? How is sustainability of policy ensured?

The policy has been negotiated in multiple rounds to keep the minimum subscriber numbers to be as low as 1000 members which is a small proportion of the total alumni base. Our overall member count increases by 1000 every year. Considering the exclusive benefits and considerable savings in premium, subscriber base is going to increase with passing time. So likelihood of such occurrence is low.

Exit situation in case this group policy is not able to sustain for 4 years.

The waiting period credits is for the duration the members they stay with this group and plan - it’s highly unlikely that the group will dissolve and that too in a short time . Recommendation is to purchase additional insurance today for the following reasons :
1. Claims experience would be much smoother as part of this group
2. If you are covered by a corporate , it’s preferable to have ones own protection independent of employment
3. If covered by your existing individual plan , it’s a good strategy to maintain the cumulative bonus on the same


I already have a base policy from my employer. Why should I purchase the base policy from the IIT Kanpur program?

The IIT Kanpur program is independent of your employment – this will ensure continued coverage when you are in between jobs or if you are considering self-employment Purchasing both the base and top-up plans from the IIT Kanpur program will enable a full cashless claim process

I already have a base policy that I have purchased individually. Why should I switch to the IIT Kanpur base policy

Any of the following reasons apply! Switching to the IIT Kanpur base policy makes sense if you have a base policy which has a low cover (less than Rs 5 lacs) Switching also makes sense if you have purchased your base policy recently (less than 4 years back – in which case waiting periods would still apply on such a policy while the waiting periods are waived off in the IIT Kanpur base policy) When you claim on the IIT Kanpur policy, you do not lose the No Claim Bonus of your individual policy – making it logical to maintain both individual plan and the IIT Kanpur base plan Purchasing both the base and top-up plans from the IIT Kanpur program will enable a full cashless claim process

I have a base policy from employer where there is no waiting period. If I take the top up plan this year but leave my job over the course of next year, what happens to the waiting period?

Most corporate plans have waiting periods waived off. In the rare case of hospitalizations in between jobs, the waiting periods would apply on the top-up plan. In case one is self-employed, it is advisable to also purchase the base insurance policy

Can both parents and parents in law be covered if I purchase the same plan twice?

No. Each alumnus can cover either parent(s) or parent(s) in law in each plan

Can both parents and parents in law be separately covered in base and top-up plan?

Yes – this is possible. You may buy 1) Base for Parents and Top-up for Parents-in-law or 2) Base for Parents-in-law and Top-up for Parents

Why aspects like maternity are not part of it?

Maternity claims are limited to a certain section of the population. In such a voluntary program, insurers do not provide covers which have high probability of a claim. Furthermore, most corporate policies cover maternity

Will Covid-19 treatment be covered?


Will the top-up work even if there is no base plan?

Yes. In case you are paying the deductible out of pocket, the standard waiting period of 4 years would apply on the PEDs.

If I have another top up where the waiting period is waived off, will I get the waiting period waiver

Waiver on waiting periods are only applicable in case it is waived off on the base policy

Will it cover OPD claims ? Please also tell us about full body check-up coverage, if any in the policy? Will this policy cover the cost of ongoing medication in the case of chronic disease treatment? (e.g. Insulin)

No. OPD claims are not covered. Also, this does not have any annual health check-up benefits. Cost of ongoing or special medication used for the treatment of chronic conditions is not covered in this policy

Does the base policy have to be exhausted to claim under the top-up policy?


Is there co-pay for reimbursement claims?